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What You Don't See May Hurt You

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic their is no better time to get your carpets cleaned. Steam cleaning will help sanitize your carpets and leave them fresh and clean.

 The most obvious reason is “Because they look dirty”. However, there are several reasons why to consider regular professional carpet and upholstery cleaning even when dirt does not show. All these reasons can be quite significant to the health of your family and pets and to protect your expensive carpets and furnishings:”

  • Better Air quality in your home through the removal of bio-pollutants from your floors and soft furnishings

  • Removal of dust and dander's that can trigger symptoms for allergy and asthma sufferers

  • Removal of microscopic bacteria and germs you cannot see but can make you sick

  • Restoration of color and texture of the carpet and upholstery fibers

  • Removal of stains that tend to set in over time and become too difficult to remove

  • Protection of one of your home’s major investments, saving you $$$$

  • When you actually “see” the dirt on your carpet you have already started to do damage to your carpet's fibers.

  • Carpets act as a magnet for contaminates including dust mites, feces, pet dander, salt, road grime, dirt, and much more!

  • Contaminants can be abrasive and wear down your carpet and permanently damage the fibers.

  • Regularly cleaning carpets not only makes your carpet look better but also prolongs the life of your carpet.

  • Clean carpet creates a sanitary environment in which to live.

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