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Steam Carpet Cleaning

(Great choice for low to medium soiled carpet)

$45 per room (up to 250 sqft) (if room is larger the 250 sqft it will be charged as 2 rooms)

$45 per flight of stairs

$5 per landing

$50 per flight of stairs if stairs are wider than 3ft

$30 per hallway 

$5 per walk-in closet

Basement Carpet Cleaning 25 cents per sqft


-Pre- treatment spray

-Steam Extraction

 Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

 (Great choice for heavily soiled carpet that has been neglected with high traffic areas)

$60 per room (up to 250 sqft)

$60 per flight of stairs

$5 per landing

$40 per hallway 

$10 per walk-in closet



-Pre Spray

-Carpet Scrub to lift carpet fibers and boost prespray

-Spot treatment

-Steam extraction

-Place fans for quick drying

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning (Great choice to freshen up carpets that have low soil. Dries in 1 hour)

$45 per room (up to 250 sqft)

$45 per flight of stairs

$20 per hallway

$5 per walk-in closet



-Encapsulation Prespray

-Carpet Scrub

-Orbital Pad Extraction

Upholstery Cleaning

Recliner $50 (1 cushion)

Love Seat $100 (2 cushions)

Sofa $125 (3 cushions)

Sectional $200

Throw pillows $5 per pillow

Tile & Grout Cleaning

$75 cents per sqft

$25 cents per sqft to seal grout




$125 Shower Cleaning(includes 3 walls and shower floor)

Hardwood/Vinyl/Laminate Floor Cleaning

$60 cents per sqft for hardwood

$60 cents per sqft for vinyl

$60 cents per sqft for laminate

Carpet Stain Protector/Stain Blocker

$30 per room

$30 for flight of stairs

$20 for hallway

$10 for walk-in closet

-Maxim stain blocker applied and we provide a 1 year warranty

Specialty Services

Urine Topical Treament

 $20 per room/area

Odor Removal $20 per room/area

Deodorizer $10 per room/area

Red(colorful) stains, gum, slime, paint, coffee and other stains will be an additional charge

Additional charge for excessive pet hair

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